A Funny Conversation Between Mike Tyson and Jim Carrey

Mike Tyson: Hey Jim, have you ever had to deal with family law forms in Maryland?

Jim Carrey: No, luckily I haven’t had to go through that, Mike. But I’ve heard that it can be quite a hassle.

Mike Tyson: Speaking of legal matters, have you ever set up a private foundation trust agreement?

Jim Carrey: No, I’ve never had the need for that. It sounds like something for the big leagues.

Mike Tyson: I’m really craving some good seafood. Do you know where Legal Seafood is at Logan Airport?

Jim Carrey: I’m not sure, I’ve never been there. But I’ve heard they have amazing food.

Mike Tyson: Do you know anything about what’s considered legal and illegal in terms of the law?

Jim Carrey: I try to stay out of trouble, Mike. I’m not looking to break any laws!

Mike Tyson: Have you ever been to Egypt? I hear they have some strict entry requirements from South Africa.

Jim Carrey: No, I’ve never been. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever plan a trip there.

Mike Tyson: Have you ever had to sign a personal services contract in Florida?

Jim Carrey: Thankfully, no. But I’ve heard that it’s important to have a good lawyer look over those kinds of agreements.

Mike Tyson: Do you think it’s worth taking legal action against the post office if they mess up your mail?

Jim Carrey: I don’t know, Mike. I think I’d probably just laugh it off and move on.

Mike Tyson: Have you ever had to use a payroll action form template?

Jim Carrey: No, I’m not really into the administrative side of things. I leave that to the professionals.

Mike Tyson: Do you know how to check your LIC policy statement online?

Jim Carrey: I have no idea. I’m not the most tech-savvy person, Mike.

Mike Tyson: Have you ever had to deal with a PTIT participation agreement?

Jim Carrey: Nope, never heard of it. Sounds like some heavy legal stuff.